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We now do more complex designs with our 305 units from Glunz & Jensen

Nigel Walsh visited Trung Dong Corp in Vietnam.

In Februrary 2017, Vinita, Glunz & Jensen Dealer installed a 305 DW processor along with at 305 ECDLF at Trung Dong Corp.

Mr. Yem from Trung Dong says: “The installation of our 305 units from Glunz & Jensen, along with a Xeikon Thermoflex unit has enabled us to do more complex designs on the bags and secure more business for our company.”

Trung Dong Corp employs over 1,700 staff and produces 500,000 items over a 24 hour period.

In the photo is Mr. Nigel Walsh, Mr. Yem, Trung Dong and Mr. Le Trung Chanh, owner of Vinita.