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COU 85 HD - Our new high speed heavy duty Clean-Out Unit will be launched at Drupa

At Drupa, Glunz & Jensen will for the first time present our new COU 85 HD processor for wash-out of thermal low chemistry plates like AGFA Azura TS / Azura TU and Heidelberg Saphira Thermal Chemfree plates.

The COU 85 HD sets new standards for wash-out speed, simplicity and reduced maintenance. Based on our very popular HDX platform where performance and reliability is well established in the market, the COU 85 joins the family of our HDX thermal and violet photopolymer plate processing systems used today in large commercial printers and newspaper prepress areas.

COU 85 HD utilizes a straight through path, dual section wash-out solution for thermal low chemistry plates. It has two brushes in the first wash-out section, followed by one brush in the second wash-out section. The drying section is the final step, ensuring perfectly clean press-ready plates.

The COU 85 HD will automatically replenish washout solutions and water from containers and container alarms will monitor the minimum and maximum levels in all containers.

To automate the platemaking process and improve platemaking productivity, the COU 85 HD can be configured with an on-line electrical interface to a thermal CtP device, and adding a plate stacking solution from Glunz & Jensen for unattended production. For stand-alone operation, it can be configured with input and delivery tables for off-line production.

Thomas Haase, Product Manager from Glunz & Jensen says:

"The COU 85 HD is built on the well-known and robust HDX processors. This gives the user all the high-end benefits that come along with this platform."

"With its heavy-duty design and a dual washout section, the processor can be upgraded to operate at speeds up to 3 meters/minute, and still deliver perfect quality and very clean plates "

Meet us at Drupa: Hall 5 - Stand C38

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