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Glunz & Jensen equipment is much better than similar machines in the market

Kodak India sold and installed  a Glunz & Jensen Concept 305 DW and Concept 305 ECDLF to Digiflex. Digiflex are absolutely satisfied with their choice. They supply NX Plates to label printers and Flexible convertors and their clients have participated and won awards of worldwide reputation.

Mr.  Sunder from Digiflex, Hyderabad:
“We have been using the Glunz & Jensen equipment for quite some time now. These machines are very versatile, and give us the right results for both analog and digital NX plates from Kodak. The output of the Glunz & Jensen equipment is much better than similar machines in the market, and the operations are easy and user-friendly too.

“We haven’t faced any major breakdowns or challenges. The support provided has also been really good. Our customers are very happy with the output we deliver thanks to our Kodak and Glunz & Jensen equipment.”

Mr Nigel Walsh, Key Account Sales Manager from Glunz & Jensen:
“We have a long and trusted relationship with Kodak India and through this partnership as a team, we were able to assist Digiflex in purchasing the exact equipment best suited to their production needs. Today this produces top quality flexo plates to compliment the installed Kodak NX system.”

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