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H&M Ultra Color - still going strong with their Glunz & Jensen 405 DW-XP

Two years ago H&M Ultra Color needed a  new flexo production line, and compared equipment from the major suppliers in the market. They were looking for:

• service and timely technical assistance 
• a processor equivalent to the other components of their new production line productivity.
• the tchnology level should be equal or superior to the other teams involved

Bernardo Monterrubio, Owner - H&M Ultra Color, Mexico:
“We compared equipment from the major suppliers in the market, and chose the machine that would ensure a superior technology and give us an edge in the market place. The 405 DW processor from Glunz & Jensen met and surpassed all our expectations, it delivers high quality processing for all the different plate types. After two years in full production we are extremely pleased with the processor. We have seen significant improvements in quality and productivity.”

In 1999, H & M Ultra Color was the first company in Mexico with the ability to serve the packaging market with technology and prepress press solutions for all printing systems and HD flexo plates, combining high resolution 4000 dpi with specific screens.

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