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Innovation that will change international quality standards

RC Group A/S is at the forefront of technology when it comes to flexo printing. RC Group A/S produces more than 4,000 round sleeves per year.

In order to keep being in the forefront of the flexo printing in­dustry, RC Group had to be in full control of quality on out­going sleeves, so to secure perfect quality on every single sle­­e­ve, they had a setup of a one unit printing press that is controlled on a daily basis by one man. This set-up costs RC Group a significant amount of time and money in the form of proofing, colour control and print runs. What also needs to be taken in account is that every time the qua­lity on a sleeve is not good enough, the process must be rep­e­ated with new sleeves.

Henrik Kofoed, Group Sales Manager at RC Group:
“Our sleeve production has been growing more than 30% every year for the past 5 years. To keep up with the increasing quality demands from our customers and at the same time keep being a profitable company, we had to look into how we could optimise the way of producing our flexo sleeves.”

Henrik Kofoed contacted Glunz & Jensen with his need for developing a product to replace the costly and tedious process of quality control in flexo plate production, and today, one year later, Glunz & Jensen can deliver the FlexScan to the market.

FlexScan digitally scans for “low and high spots” on round sleeves and thereby eliminating the need for a full test run on a printing press. And at the same time the FlexScan delivers a quality report (PDF or in print), with relief depth/height that is used to document the quality of incoming or outgoing sleeves. This process can be done in 20 minutes – compared to more than 2 hours with the current quality control process in the market.

Henrik Kofoed: “I believe that the FlexScan will deliver a return on investment within a maximum of 2 years, depending on the amount of sleeves produced. The FlexScan makes history by innovating the entire process of flexo plate production around the world. Finally, the flexo market will have a tool to benchmark quality, and be able to work with international quality standards and documentation.”

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