• Henrik Kold and Jens Cronval from Heidelberg with Klaus Olsen from GKS

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Service is Trust

In the past, Heidelberg Sweden used many independent 3rd party service providers to service their customer base in Sweden for CtP, ICtP and processing equipment.

In 2003, Heidelberg Sweden started using GKS for a few jobs and thanks to GKS’s superior service, Heidelberg chose GKS as their preferred single service provider in southern Sweden. Heidelberg Sweden began to work in close cooperation with GKS and developed standardized contracts, to the benefit and advantage of their customers. The plan is to implement this throughout Sweden in the nearest future.

Jens Cronval, Director at Heidelberg:
“I have worked with Klaus and his team at GKS for more than 20 years, so I know what he stands for. It is a natural choice for me to make an alliance with GKS in Denmark and Sweden. Since the early days, we have cooperated on servicing newspapers, and this cooperation has only been strengthened by time.“

The cooperation between Heidelberg and GKS is based on trust - trust in GKS treating Heidbelberg’s customers as if they were their own at any time. Loyalty, responsibility and product knowledge are also vital focal points when GKS’ technical team is working with Heidelberg customers.

Photo from left to right: Henrik Kold, Service Manager at Heidelberg, Klaus Olsen, General Manager at GKS and Jens Cronval, Director at Heidelberg.

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