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iCtP Accessories

iCtP RIP Stand

iCtP RIP Stand

  • Create a convenient and ergonomic solution by mounting your RIP computer, monitor and keyboard directly onto the table of your PlateWriter or NewsWriter with this accessory kit
  • The monitor and keyboad mount on a bracket on top of the table, while the computer is mounted on a bracket below the table
iCtP RIP Stand
Cleaning and Maintenance Kits for iCtP

Cleaning and Maintenance Kits for iCtP

  • These kits contain all the necessary components to carry out regular maintainance routine on your iCtP system
  • Different kits are available for different machines
  • The kit contents can also be bought separately
Cleaning and Maintenance Kits for iCtP
Periodic Service Kits

Periodic Service Kits for iCtP

  • Ensure a stable production and maximise uptime with periodic service on your PlateWriter or NewsWriter
  • All necessary wear and tear parts and instructions for replacing them and cleaning the imaging unit are included

Average plate usage per month - Recommended service period

2-up/B3 plates

up to 500 plates - every 12 months
500-1000 plates - every 9 months
over 1000 plates - every 6 months

4-up/B2 plates

Periodic Service Kits for iCtP
Illuminated Magnifier

Illuminated Magnifier

  • 10x magnification and a built-in LED light
  • Enables you to check the quality of you plates before you send them to press
Illuminated Magnifier
iCtP Deletion Pens

Deletion Pen

  • Allows you to make small corrections and remove minor flaws on your imaged iCtP i-plates, so you don't have to image a new plate
  • Saves time and resources
Deletion Pen

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