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Offset Plateline

PlateLink 46-XR

  • Handles plates from the CtP, and feeds them to processors, stackers or other plate line equipment
  • Can be configured to feed plates out any of its three sides to a processor or other plateline equipment
  • It can handle multiple lines with rotation capabilities
  • Handles a wide spectrum of plates and plate sizes 
PlateLink 46-XR

Compact Plate Stacker

  • High performance plate stacker, to be used with the fastest CtP devices on the market
  • Uses gravity to move the plates to the magazine with 100 plate capacity
  • A simple, knock-down construction which can be shipped on top of a processor
Compact Plate Stacker

PRO Stacker VLF

  • Robust stacker design, ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation
  • Adjustable conveyor and tipper speed to suit all processors and plateline equipment on the market
  • Driven conveyor, to ensure complete removal of the plate prior to stacking
  • Removable trolley with 75-100 plates (0.3 mm plate) capacity and on wheels to allow easy delivery to press
PRO Stacker VLF
Mid-size PRO stacker

PRO Stackers

  • A traditional belt driven conveyor with a (magnetic) detachable wheeled trolley for ease of plate transport and storage
  • Can follow any processor or plateline equipment on the market, with fine height adjustments to ensure precise alignment with any preceding unit
  • Adjustable belt position and stacking speed to suit various plate sizes and processing speeds
  • Available in 4 sizes: 105/80, 105/140, 135/160 and VLF


PRO Stackers

System Conveyor

  • Small, simple and flexible conveyor design 
  • Can conveniently be hinged onto the processor or stand alone
  • Can be used open for non-light sensitive plate applications or covered for a more integrated appearance
  • Easily adapted to most devices on the market, i.e. processors, rinse/ gum units and ovens
System Conveyor

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