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Trimmers & Mounting tables

FlexMount 850/1280

  • A floor standing manually operated plate mounter designed for mid-web applications
  • Pneumatically controlled tables help facilitate the ease of plate mounting
  • The two-camera system enlarges microdots and registration marks by 40 times
  • A digital LED display provides precise mounting locations
FlexMount 850/1280

FlexMount 500

  • A manually operated plate mounter designed for narrow web and label printing applications
  • Very handy and ergonomic model
  • Particularly well suited for mounting 1 plate per sleeve
  • Due to its convenient table-top design, it will easily fit in the production area at any label printer.
  • High precision during mounting
FlexMount 500

FlexMount 1320/1700

  • A semi-automaticlly controlled flexo plate mounting system
  • Up to 2000 jobs can be registered and data can be retrieved and uploaded as spread sheets
  • The unique Fast Mounting Strip assists the operator in smoothly navigating though the entire plate mounting process
  • An optional rubber roller system ensures quick and safe plate fixing, without air bubles
  • Comes with a fixed mounting cylinder and a two-camera system magnifying the registration marks by 40 times
FlexMount 1320/1700

FlexScan 1800

  • FlexScan utilizes laser technology to accurately scan the sleeves for “low and high spots”
  • The 100% customised graphical display of the unfolded plan can be exported into pdf-format and be sent via e-mail for confirmation or rejection of jobs
  • FlexScan eliminates up to 80% of the inspection and preparation on press
  • Checks for base and relief tolerances or other defects
  • Minimizes material waste
FlexScan 1800

FlexTrim 1750

  • Easily cut fiberglass flexographic sleeves in exact sizes
  • Has a basic design that does not require much space or maintenance and is very simple to operate
  • Significant waste reduction, as sleeves can be cut precisely in the desired sizes
FlexTrim 1750

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