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Newspaper Solutions - low volume

What is low volume newspaper production?

What is iCtP?

What are the benefits of iCtP?

What is low volume newspaper production?

We define low volume newspaper production as printers of local newspapers who primarily do up to 50,000 impressions per plate and use up to 1000 plates per month.

Many local newspapers printers have older film-to-plate set-ups that require a good deal of time and maintenance to run smoothly. Though many would like to move away from the time consuming process of making film and all of the necessary chemicals, they don’t feel like they have the money to invest in a new plate making system. However, Glunz & Jensen has the ideal solution with the successful NewsWriter series – an affordable system for making offset aluminium plates.

The iCtP NewsWriter series of plate making devices is ideally designed and priced for local newspapers and in-plant printers, allowing them to save time and money.

What is iCtP?

The iCtP NewsWriter Series plate making solutions from Glunz & Jensen which utilise high definition inkjet technology to deliver Computer to Plate solutions aimed at the offset industry.

The NewsWriter uses high definition inkjet technology to jet a patented Liquid Dot chemical solution onto non-photosensitive aluminium printing iPlates. There are no light or thermally sensitive coatings to remove, as there is with conventional CtP, so there is no need for processing chemistry.

The NewsWriter is capable of AM and FM screening and is ideal for 1, 2 and 4 colour work.

What are the benefits of iCtP?

The iCtP NewsWriter combines an affordably priced plate making solution with simplicity, reliability and the environmental benefits of chemistry-free plate making, whilst eliminating the need for a separate plate processor.

The simplicity of inkjet technology and design ensures that the iCtP NewsWriter provides an uncomplicated, undemanding system which does not require a skilled operator to use it. The NewsWriter is designed for ease of use as well as low maintenance.

  • Affordable – a smaller investment than traditional offset prepress and current laser-based systems
  • Easy operation and maintenance – as easy to use as an inkjet printer; no special maintenance or cleaning required
  • Flexible – accepts multiple formats & plate thicknesses without changing settings; suitable for printers with multiple presses
  • Daylight operation - simply writes the image onto the metal plate; no special lighting conditions are required as there are no light-sensitive coating on the plates
  • Chemisty-free - no processing chemicals or need for chemical disposal; the printed image is fixed to the plate with heat
  • Environmentally friendly – has the lowest energy usage and heat output in its class; requires no processing chemistry or water supply and uses minimal electricity
  • All inclusive - everything you need to start making plates is included, from the imaging engine to finishing unit, without extra cost or space requirements

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