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Warranty claims procedure

Although our equipment is designed, manufactured and tested to provide stable and reliable production, it is impossible to completely avoid break-downs during the warranty period and beyond. This can happen because of failing of vital components, incorrect handling of the equipment or simple user mistakes.

In any case, when an unintended break-down occurs it is in everybody’s interest to minimize the down-time period and bring the equipment up running again as soon as possible.
Although we do of course understand and acknowledge that also service costs are involved in an unintended break down, we believe that bringing the equipment up running again quickly should be given the highest priority – regardless of whether the break-down is covered by warranty or not.

In short, Glunz & Jensen recommends the following 2-step procedure to be followed if an unintended break-down occurs:

Step 1: Help your customer up running again immediately
If a technical issue has arisen in the field during warranty period you should, as first line responsible towards your customer, immediately identify the cause of the problem. If required - replace defective part(s) in order to eliminate/minimize down-time at your customer´s site.
Critical spare parts should ideally be available from your spare parts stock; alternatively such spare parts should be rush-ordered from Glunz & Jensen. 
(On a valid purchase order which will be invoiced at normal spare parts prices).

Step 2: Contact Glunz & Jensen
Once your customer is up running again the matter is between you and Glunz & Jensen to sort out. If Glunz & Jensen accepts the case as a warranty case we will issue credit note accordingly or alternatively supply replacement spare parts, free of charge.

If you wish to raise a warranty claim please go to our website to fill out a complaint form or write to: customersupport@glunz-jensen.com.

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