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Corporate Governance

Glunz & Jensen Holding's shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S. The shares are negotiable instruments without restrictions in negotiability and are issued to bearer and give one vote per share of DKK 20.

Share capital and voting rights
​​​​The company's share capital amounts to DKK 36.426.180. The company's holding of treasury shares is 0 per December 6, 2022.

Ownership by December 31, 2022
By the end of the financial year 2022, Glunz & Jensen had 524 registered shareholders, and these owned a total of 99,05% of the share capital. Glunz & Jensen wishes in the best possible way to service its shareholders with information about the group, why all shareholders are encouraged to leave their shares listed by name in the company's register of shareholders. As we only communicate electronically, we kindly ask shareholders to register their e-mail address in the register of shareholders; Alternatively, send an email to shareholders@glunz-jensen.com or hbf@glunz-jensen.com so that the shareholder's electronic address may be registered.

Ownership (%)
Heliograph Holding GmbH, Konrad-Zuse-Bogen 18, 82152 Krailling, Germany 50.10 %
Strategic Investments A/S 18.72 %
Klaus Zwisler 7.77 %
Notified according to the section 38 of the Danish Securities Trading Act *) 76.59 %
All other shareholders 23.41 %
Total 100.00 %

Investor relations
Glunz & Jensen emphasizes on an ongoing basis to provide timely, accurate and relevant information about the company - including strategy, results and expectations. Through detailed reporting, an effort is made to give all stakeholders a simple access to information, and emphasis is placed on entering into an active dialogue with the stakeholders.

The communication with investors, analysts, the press and other stakeholders takes place via regular publication of notices, including interim reports and meetings. Announcements are available on the company's website.

Shareholders, analysts, investors and other interested parties who have questions regarding Glunz & Jensen, should contact:

Glunz & Jensen A/S
Selandia Park 1
DK-4100 Ringsted
Phone: +45 5768 8181
E-mail: hbf@glunz-jensen.com

Contact person: CEO Martin Overgaard Hansen
Tel.: +45 2260 8405
E-mail: moh@glunz-jensen.com

Contact person: Chairman Flemming N. Enevoldsen
Tel.: +45 4043 1303
E-mail: f.n.enevoldsen@gmail.com

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